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S. S. Roller Derby Episode 3: With A Song In Our Hearts

S. S. Roller Derby Episode 3: With A Song In Our Hearts

December 18, 2017

History! WFTDA Champs! Songs! Fan sections! Transphobia out of derby! Finding your bliss!

All this and more await you in the latest episode of the Something Something Roller Derby podcast. We were both thrilled to be part of the announcing crew at the 2017 WFTDA D1 International Championships in Philadelphia, PA. We were also thrilled that it presented the opportunity to sit down with an interview with longtime Texie and actual co-founder of this sport we call modern roller derby, Electra Blu! She's responsible for the design dimensions of the very track upon which we skate, don't ya know? Electra talks the nitty gritty origins of the game, some delightful anecdotes from the bad old days, and what keeps her coming back for more even long after her skating career came to a close.

Ham and Allie dig into a recent example of the transphobia that still exists in parts of the derby world, and talk about why those attitudes have no place anywhere, let alone within a sport and community that was founded specifically to be a home for marginalized and outcast people.

Finally, we had a delightful and often hilarious conversation with two of the core members of the Aquaman Army - Minnesota Rollergirls' very own fan section, famous for their hymnal of cheers, wearing masks, and full body/facepaint situation. They talk about what makes a good fan section, why they do what they do, and what they all love about derby.

Oh and, we're including a new section where we talk about what's making us happy these days, specific to derby. Positive affirmations! I mean, if you're not finding joy in something, why continue to do it?

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We used (with permission) the song "Synthesizer 2.0" by Klack in this episode. Check out more of their tunes at their Bandcamp.

Theme song and other interstitial music by Ham's band, Damsel Trash.

Twitch (aka Kevin Borke) hooked us up with microphones to record interviews at WFTDA Champs. He makes a lot of those great videos you see on and such.

WORT FM gives us studio time to record a lot of this podcast, and we love them.



12:17 Electra Blu interview

33:05 Transphobia in roller derby

52:45 Aquaman Army interview

1:26:15 Find your bliss / outro


S. S. Roller Derby, Episode 2: Equus Zebra

S. S. Roller Derby, Episode 2: Equus Zebra

October 23, 2017

HAPPY FALL! The S.S. Roller Derby is settin' sail a little early this month, because we're just THAT excited to share the new episode with you all. Plus! We found ourselves a proper recording studio, so things are sounding a lot better aboard this ship, if we do say so ourselves.

Join us for an exciting romp through Zebra Land as we interview Uno Mas and Thac0, both longstanding members of Madison's own United Derby Officials Local 608 (UDO), as we chat about all things ref and officials and Why UDO Is So Great/how you too can build a stronger, awesomer officiating crew.

Hammer and Allie also give you an EXCLUSIVE on the big names slated to appear/coach/captain at Summer Affair 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio (right around the 44:45 mark, if you're impatient and need to know RIGHT NOW). Will we see you there?

We're also pleased as punch to bring you the first musical feature of the show, as we share a song by the Sex Wings - all Minnesota Roller Derby folk. You can listen to more of their music here. Many thanks to Bully Jean for submitting the song - and remember, if you have a musical project of any sort, are involved in derby, and would like us to feature you on a future episode, drop us a line at!

Finally, we chat a bit about WFTDA Champs 2017 (we'll both be doing announcing work at the event), the amazing announcing crew working that weekend, and a few other odds n' ends. As always, we hope you enjoy!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and/or by email at at any time. And give us some love (reviews!) over at iTunes while you're at it, if you feel so moved.


-Ham & Gator

10:03 Ref Chat with Uno Mas and Thac0 
44:45 Summer Affair 2018 announcement
48:27 Music! Sex Wings
52:31 WFTDA Champs chat
59:55 Outro misc.

(title and transition music by Damsel Trash)

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